No More Fear

At whatever point the way becomes troublesome for us, at whatever point we enter the valley of the shadow and feel as though the most exceedingly terrible has happened, it is anything but difficult to battle with being foolhardy and natural disapproved. Dread may appear like a characteristic or even sensible reaction to circumstances and conditions that undermine you.

At the point when Peter attempted to talk Jesus out of what was coming straightaway (enduring and passing), Jesus emphatically censured him. I accept such musings of taking the less demanding route originate from a position of dread. We can’t envision how we’ll get past an excruciating trial, so we need to take the main way out we see. We would prefer not to endure, questionable of when—or on the off chance that—we will turn out the opposite side.

Do you realize that your mind isn’t intended to fear yet it is hard-wired for adoration? Dread isn’t a characteristic reaction, notwithstanding what you may accept. Dread is a scholarly reaction and that is in reality uplifting news. Why? On the off chance that you can figure out how to fear, you can likewise learn not to fear. Would you like a free WWJD Bracelet?

The response to conquering dread is confidence. Confidence isn’t programmed; it is a decision you make to trust God’s affection for you and the honesty of His Word. Hebrews 13:5 says,

“… for He [God] Himself has stated, I won’t in any capacity come up short you nor surrender you nor abandon you without help. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] in no degree abandon you powerless nor spurn nor let [you] down (unwind My hang on you)! [Assuredly not!] So we take comfort and are supported and unhesitatingly and strongly say, The Lord is my Helper; I won’t be seized with caution [I won’t dread or fear or be terrified]. What can man do to me?” (AMP)

He has guaranteed to never abandon us or neglect us and that He will control us through our darkest days. When you stroll through the valley of the shadow, when you turn a corner and see a troublesome way loaded with agony and anguish ahead, you can just go ahead. With God on your side you can unhesitatingly announce even with fear: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” (Ps. 23:6)

What fear do you have to overcome today through confidence?